Take 1
"Oh, hey yo! Welcome to Homestarrunner.net!"
"It's dot com"
Oh. Homestarrunner.net. It's dot com!"
Take 2
"Oh, hey yo! My name is Homestar Runner. Line" "Welcome. Line." "To. Line." "Someting.com!"
Take 6
"Welcome aboard the USS Homestarrunner.com. I am your captain, Homestar Runner."
"Bienviendos a Homestarrunner.com! A Migues es si..."
Take 13
"Ok, I'm really gunna get it this time." "Yeah, we're rolling." "Oh, hey yo! My name is Homestar Runner, and this is A Website!"
Take 25
Homestar is nude "Uhh... cut. Nooo..." "What?"
Take 126
"I'm Homestar Runner. Isn't that great?"
See above dialogue.
by Sarah April 07, 2004
Top Definition
It's dot com.
Oh, right. Homestarrunner.Net. IT'S DOT COM!
by Stiffy March 05, 2004
It's dot com.
Welcome to Homestarrunner.net
It's dot com!
by rasolyo January 03, 2004
Homestarrunner.net is what homestar believes to be the website that hosts his popular flash cartoons, when infact it is homestarrunner.com
"homestarrunner.net, its dot com!"
by MoxiKat June 26, 2003
What homestarrunner believes is the name of the website he's promoting.
Homestarrunner: Oh, hey yo! My name is homestarrunner, and this is homestarrunner.net.

Director: It's dot com.

Homestarrunner: Oh yeah. Homestarrunner.net, "It's dot com."
by Strongbad4ever August 26, 2003
bused/b to be the greatest forum on earth!

Check it out urlhomestarrunner.net/url

It's dot com!
by xXxPaoPouxXx August 04, 2003
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