A slice of one's home.
"Hey my home's running kind of low on space"
"Here, just borrow a homeslice"
by Casey Patton January 11, 2008
the term originally used to describe prison inmates that remind other prisoners of their lives on the outside.
Person 1: Yo, homeslice, I used to live three blockes from you back in LA.

Person 2: Word. What you in for, bro?
by BigDogC June 12, 2008
a very good friend of youres
wazzzup homeslice what u been up too den
by zaccariah February 07, 2008
1. Word white people (such as myself) use in place of nigga. In order not to avoid confrontation from crowds of black males wanting to kill whitey. Instead of "What up nigga?" we say "What is up homeslice."
2. White folk talk for nigga.
"Oh I say my homeslice, what is up?"
by D. Schwal April 30, 2005
Used to address one of your close friends and/or buddies.
yo! whazzup, homeslice?
yeah, jakes my homeslice.
by the samm April 25, 2007
a homie the bestest ones in life
Joe:heyy homeslice wats poppin?1
Paul:Nothing much my og wats up with u!?
by [og]lifee March 22, 2007
meaning homeboy : "dawg" or tight azz friend
ey u hit that last night homeslice?
by sweet n unique September 18, 2005

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