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Someone who dresses or acts like a stereotypical Emo-Listener but is definately a poser. Categorized by long floppy black hair, sweater vests, slightly tighter and cuffed jeans, and a sad look on the face.

Someone who followed the emo style trend but has no idea what it is. Usually followed by sad look, poor guitar playing, et cetera.
Sad boy with guitar seeks Emo Bitch to beat the crap out of.
by causte March 08, 2005
A bitchy whore, although used to describe a guy who is neither bitchy or whoreish.

A joking way to call someone a whore without being offensive.
Oh no you didn't, bisnatch!
by causte March 08, 2005
Is used in addition to bisnatch, referring to a friend or someone who is relatively nice in order to get their attention.
Yo homeslice! Pay attention!
by causte March 08, 2005
A girl who, regardless or how she dresses (although stereotypically characterized by preppy bitches), acts stuck up and snobbish.

Could also be male, although less so.

On occasion the word becomes overused by poser bitches who think it only means someone who dresses preppy or is popular.
I don't care what you say, that goth chick is such a chauch.
by causte March 08, 2005
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