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Hawaiian for seafarer. Used as a name among Hawaiians and kamaaina. Modern equivalent is waterman.
Holokai kicked ass at Duxberry reef last Saturday.
by whitesirocco June 16, 2010
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n. vomit
v. To regurgitate
The contents of Reginald's stomach were expelled through his esophagus and out his mouth in the form of vibrant multi-colored holokai.

Dude, if you drink more vodka, you're totally going to holokai.
by Bob the Walrus June 06, 2009
1. v. To holokai is to vomit. Especially after taking two shots of Bacardi 151 at senior week

2. n. vomit

Dude Corey totally just holokai'd. Good thing i brought in this trachcan.


Jeff - Dude did you know theres holokai in this trashcan?
John - Yeah Corey just took 2 shots of Bacardi 151
by ruskipatson92 June 09, 2009

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