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Holly Valance is an abhorrently untalented "singer" and "actress" who is nevertheless popular because she shows her ass and legs to everyone. Luckily for her, both are quite good, otherwise she wouldn't be famous. Like many famous young women these days, her popularity is not driven by talent, but by the masturbatory fantasies of young men. She is most famous for her video for her single "Kiss Kiss" in which she pranced around naked for four minutes, with only little CGI lighting effects obstructing view of her nipples and pussy. The most recent addition to her resume is the role of a stripper/prostitute on Prison Break. Naturally.
"Ooohhh Holly Valance... that's how I want it baby... oh yeah!!"
by Tom Jac. September 29, 2007
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Sexy female singer from Australia, with a sweet body and great voice, also known for her acting skills.
She is a GODDESS!!!
To hard to touch
Is getting to much
you know is just a State Of Mind
by Dark Chronos January 20, 2005
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TALENTLESS singer whose voice is so crap, strips to sell records, her version of Kiss Kiss sucked, Tarkans version is excellent, so is the Arabic version by Rida and Nina Boutrous(El Bawsi), Holly Valance can not sing, makes some of the worst music, lucky her record company dropped her.
by Tina February 10, 2005
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