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A small town in NC. its full of gay fags, whore, sluts and stuck up bitches. no one is actually from northcarolina here. they all move here from other places, and therefore think there better. they dont care about other people. all the parents think its a better town, but really its full of druggys. everyone is rich so they all shop at hollister and shit. the houses are riduculsly priced and you have to buy alchol at a state run place. its hell on earth.
by JxGOSSIP! June 12, 2009
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A small town in Mississippi. Well, on all of these lands, there are many people who will gladly help you out with a deed. In this town, if you have a flat tire, they'll be the first ones to help you fix it. If your gone out of town, you can trust a friends to feed your cats and dogs while you are away. The love in this town is so powerful, that I couldn't imagine living any place else. The way the people treat you and try to hold you up, bring your spirits up, that is all that matters in the lovely town of Holly Springs, Mississippi. I was raised here in HS all of my life, and I love my town
We have a McDonalds (most important) , Sonic, Huddle House, etc. We also have wild animals such as Deer, possums, racoons, bobcats, armadillo's ,which we love them being their because they represent Mississippi. The town of Holly Springs also has very beautiful Antebellum homes throughout the town. We have the Marshall County Courthouse. The people here are not so polite in may ways, but all in all, I do love the Town, Holly Springs, MS
by calico kitty February 17, 2013
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