A unique way of drinking a beer;

1. pull your shirt up and over your head so your entire head and face are covered.

2. put beer to lips

3. tilt head back and drink, the beer will pass through the shirt and into your mouth.
That guy just did the hollow man, that was the coolest way i have ever seen someone drink a beer
by hollwman August 30, 2010
Top Definition
bad man raper
'Talkin the hardest' hollowman
by berfaced September 10, 2008
this is a show with 4 british pussies who are not funny. they are gay and retarted and i would like to kick there asses. They stay home all day and fuck british chickens. Did i mention theyy are faggs. And do each eachother. THey also wear purple pants and blue socks ewwwww! They stuck there dicks in a chinchilla ass and got stuck becasue the chinchilla tightened its anus
Johnny: I heard those guys on Hollow Men say "put your penis on the slab, i'm gonna make you a star"
Freddy: Wow, thats so gay that it might be funny.
Johnny: It should be more like "put your fingers up your ass, i'm gonna make you sqeal"
by The New Shoe March 28, 2005
A show that airs on Comedy Central. It's a very unique sketch show involving four british guys. David Armand, Nick Tanner, Rupert Russell and Sam Spedding. Unlike any other sketch shows I've seen. I recommend seeing it for yourself.
The Hollow Men = Brilliantly hilarious.
by ilpmtlis March 26, 2005
This Kid doesn't know Shyt. The Hollow Men are hillarious they're Original. These sucksafucks just don't like it because nobody likes the stupid-ass Ideas they come up with. Peace ~ Yo Mom
The Hollow Men are a whole notha' stage in the Evolution Chain.
by Potato"s O'Brien April 02, 2005
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