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The period of time between Christmas and New Year's Day.
There is never any thing to do during the Holiday Taint except post miscelaneous ramblings on
by jinny December 19, 2003
The time between Christmas and New Years where very little work gets done and most people take time off.
I'll be out of the office from December 22 to January 5th. The holiday taint is huge this year!
by punchmyface December 15, 2008
The span of time between your chosen religious holiday celebration (Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, etc.) and New Years Day.
Roger: I'm just gonna keep drinking all through the holiday taint!

Sally: Holiday taint?

Roger: Yeah, tain't Xmas and it tain't New Years!
by Japer Ray January 06, 2009
The days between Christmas and New Years. Named for the slang of the perineum.
We're stuck here for Christmas and New lets spend the holiday taint somewhere warm.
by Michael Soldier January 08, 2011
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