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When It's a Holiday such as Christmas and no one has anything else better to do so everyone turns and plays Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare 2. Causing the servers to lagg due to the insane amount of players.
Player One: Shit! I can't believe you almost got that nuke!!!

Player Two: If i wouldn't have lagged then I would have gotten it. Dammnn you Holiday lag!!!!!
#call of duty #lag #holiday #game #server
by VendettaOwner January 01, 2010
9 Words related to Holiday Lag
When you get used to a stupid sleeping routine, ie going to sleep at 4 am and waking at noon and you have to wake up at a reasonable time to travel or to work. Similar to jet lag
I felt so bad coming to school today because of the holiday lag
#jet lag #sleep #waking up #holiday #early
by Pineapplechok August 04, 2014
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