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Soulmates - people who are meant to be with each other - but only for sex.
Pamela and Tommy tried to get their relationship to work, but they were only great together in bed.

Turns out that they were not soulmates, only holemates.
by moooooog35 October 07, 2009
The name given to a "friend with benefits" or "fuck buddy" by some members of the gay community.
"Oh, are you going out with Jason now?"
"Hahaha, no. He's just my hole mate"
by Demmi February 01, 2008
Holemate: One of two persons compatible with each other in a physical sense and someone for whom gets you hot and bothered.
Great for satiating physical needs, but what about the intellectual aspects? What kind of meaningful discussions can you have with a vacuous vamp? Are you interested in a soulmate or a holemate?
by Digital Max September 18, 2007
A vagina's soul mate; having found the perfect penis.
I experience amazing sexual stimulation and epic orgasms now that I've found my hole mate.
by JNGT220 April 23, 2015
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