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The tiny portions of a BLOB which have been intentionally and systematically removed from its original dataset prior to compression and encryption, for purposes of ensuring said BLOB can be freely distributed in this deconstituted form, yet cannot possibly be reconstituted without first reinserting said extracted portions to their original locations within the dataset.
Q: "I've tried to leech this first-run movie from five different torrent sites and p2p systems, but I can't watch it at all! I got the cypher and the encryption keys and I've tried to decode it, but all I get is garbage?"

A: "You'd need to reintegrate the holdback first.... Contact the vendor and they'll sell it to you. Otherwise, there's zero chance of decoding it... it's an NP-Complete problem."

Q: "I don't want to PAY for it!"

A: "Sucks to be you."
by JohnnySoporno February 07, 2010
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