someone who is a redneck piece of white trash.
damn you see that crazy drunk mother fucker over there hes definitely a holbrook.

is this dude really gunna be a holbrook and dive into this shallow river.

dont be a holbrook stay in skool.
by mr_hash December 08, 2011
Top Definition
A suburb town in eastern Suffolk County, Long Island. Almost an hour from NYC, an hour away from the hamptons, and 10 minutes from the south shore. Mostly italians, irish, and jews. Has a country club, stores,SALONS,and restaurants, like mamma lombardis. Lots of block parties in the summer.
Where do you live?
I live in Holbrook.
Oh nice
by KSJA April 23, 2006
To haul ass in your car and go twice the legal speed limit
Connor was caught holbrooking down Spring Road and was fined $300. His mom also ripped him a new one.
by jimmycrackcornidc September 08, 2011
usualy a last name, of a very adorable guy, whose sweet smart and amazing. They fall hardest for girls who are far away. they have great minds in all feilds of knowlage. always there for their girl.
josh Holbrook plans to marry this girl across the country, her name is crystal
by july.s November 02, 2008
A town on Long Island, with 10 pizza places, 3 supermarkets, a country club, and little else. Often used to describe places that people live in, but are really boring.
Dude this place is so dead, it makes holbrook intersting
by ry February 26, 2005
A shitty little village with 3 schools, a church and a few shops. Not much to do really. Unless you go to shotley and hang with the chavs
I go to holbrook high.

What the posh one?

no that's RHS dumbarse.
by Yamuminit August 28, 2006
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