#1.A short little midget type thing about 2 feet tall.
A Ho-Jo is small and has a very deep sounding voice.
And has a beard that covers almost it's whole face.
A Ho-Jo has a very stupid wizard looking hat and robe.
So in a short way Ho-Jos are a pretty stupid troll like thing

2. A Ho-Jo is something you call someone when they're being an asshole and/or being very stupid
1. "Dude last night i was watching bugs fly into the bug-zapper, And out of the corner of my eye i think i saw a Ho-Jo"

2. "God your being such a Ho-Jo Steve"
by Kiseki Temiro January 31, 2008
Another word for a hand job, or receiving penile gratification via the hand. To be whacked off, or jerked off. The act of receiving hand manipulation.
Becca gave me a hojo last night in the back of my Geo Metro.
by McSandtrap October 10, 2005
a bar or local hang out joint
meet me down at the ho-jo
by rozie and mo June 25, 2003
Sydney slang for Hungry Jack's fastfood outlet.
"I could really go for some Hojo's right about now..."
by 3lena July 21, 2008
HOJO is an acronym for hungover jerk off. It is usually the only relief for an intense hangover. Variations of the HOJO include the COJO (clothes on jerk off) and the DOJO (door open jerk off).
"Hey that was wild night last night, how ya feeling?"
"Doing great, just HOJOed and ready to go to work"
by 734FAPPIN4life January 10, 2013
One of the greatest Final Fantasy VII characters and father to the amazing first class Soldier Sephiroth (not Vincent to all the annoying Vincent fans, HOJO!).

In the game he was originally the head of the science department, this changed when his luck changed and he left, ending up in Costa Del Sol.

Sadly in the third disc of the game Hojo is defeated by Cloud and the gang Hojo disappears. Though he has JENOVA cells in him, it is confirmed later in a novel about Aeris that Hojo died, never to return as he gave all his energy to Sephiroth in the final fight.

His memories and partial self return in Dirge of Cerberus when we learn that he downloaded his mind and memorise into a computer. These later ended in Vice(there are alternate name spellings) who became the host of Hojo's superior mind. This again sadly ended when Vice kills himself.

Hojo is famous for his experiment on Lucrecia, who was his lover (said on some things to be his wife) and his unborn child, Sephiroth. He also was famous for trying to breed Red XIII with Aeris (for different reasons amongst fans XD)

Hojo was also the cause of the great professor Gasts death, shooting him after looking for Gast's wife Ilfana and Daughter Aeris. Hojo was also the cause of Vincent's death, he was later brought back by Hojo also.
Barret: I remembered him. That Hojo guy. He's in charge of the Shinra's Science

Hojo: There's so many frivolous things in this world.

Hojo: Ha, ha, ha... Although he doesn't know. Ha, ha, ha... HA, HA, HA...!!
What will Sephiroth think when he finds out I'm his father? Always looking down
on me like that. HA, HA, HA...!!

Hojo: Heee, hee, hee, hee! No you're wrong! It's my desire as a scientist!
Heee, hee, hee, hee! I... was defeated by my desire to become a scientist. I
lost the last time as well. I've injected Jenova's cells into my own body!
Heee, hee, hee! Here are...... Heee, hee, hee! ...my results!!

by Queen Yam October 13, 2006

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