A word variable; can be substituted for any other word in existence.
Go hoink yourself;
Give me a good hoinking;
Hoink on someone else's lawn;
Hand over the hoinker;
When was the last time you hoinked a beaver?
Top Definition
The sound a mans penis makes when they stick it inside an empty bottle and proceed to 'have their way' with it.
by Anonymous May 17, 2003
A sound made while pinching someone's bum when they are not expecting it. Each pinch is worth a hoink.
Watch me pinch Katy's Bum as she stands in line for a hot dog... Hoink hoink hoinkkkkkk (that's two good pinches and one handful pinch)
by Krazy Kwueen May 01, 2015
blathemsac, to be a
You are such a blathemsac!
by omg May 17, 2003
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