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An element or cause that contributes to being a Ho.
1. Her red lipstick add to her Hofactor.

2. When going to a job interview make sure to Ho-Down and lower your Hofactor.

3. That dress is to low cut and has a high Hofactor.
by Soth Baby February 26, 2012
0 0
Noun: The number of women at an event, party or bar compared to the number of men.
"Yo bro...what's the HOFACTOR toight?" "'s high...there's a ton of hot bitches down're missing out!"
by DK Rock Don December 04, 2008
4 4
The overall amount of females in attendance at a particular event or bar.
Jim asked Fred, "Yo Fred, what's the HOFACTOR tonight?" "'s high! You need to get down here!"
by DK Rock Don December 08, 2008
0 3