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The level of sluttiness one could possible show.
Jordan Williams walks around school with too much hoetality...
by jife lube May 23, 2011
Knowing you look good/hot/sexy even when other people call you ugly you dont care you showing off how you look and your confident!
Kate: Wow what are you wearing your outfit is so ugly!?

Darling: yea to bad i dont care what you think cuz i have hoetality
by SexiiHoetality May 23, 2011
You know you look good(like a hoe) and you dont care what anyone else thinks. Its like your hot and you know it and you want to show it.
you have so much hoetality

that hoetality is working for you

calm down with all that hoetality

work your hoetality
by Hoetality May 23, 2011
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