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(adj) Hoefully/Hoeful: *Ho-ful-E* :: 1. To be infested with hoes; 2. To do something in a hoe-like fashion.
"Whatever you do, stay off the streets after midnight, those streets are hoeful."

Guy 1: Hey did you see that fight?
Guy 2: Yeah man, she slapped that chick hoefully!
by Black69serpent May 15, 2009
Hoefully: adverb

a modern variation of the word hopefully to be used in the stead of hopefully when the subject of the speaker is a hoe
"God Jessica is such a slut hoefully she doesnt show up to the party"
To do like a hoe
Watermelondrea subg hoefully.😖😂
by Huhisjsj June 18, 2015
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