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A term used to describe someone who is loud and obnoxious as Miley Cyrus is in her "can't be tamed" video.
- "Our neighbors are so loud and annoying!"
- "Yup they're true Hoebirds"
by IckyTwig December 08, 2010
An attractive female only interested in some quick action with a morally lacking man.Although it can be used to insult the female persuasion, it is generally a rather common occurence.Wants the excitement of the chase but none of the drama of a relationship.
Slang for hoochie, but with positive conotations. "Girl, you a crazy ass hoe bird!!"
Not to be confused with hoodrat, as this female is in complete control of her actions and takes a certain amount of pride in all that she endeavors to complete.

"Man, that girl be a hoe bird, trying to get a lunch meet at the Rode Hard Motel."
by Chellegab June 13, 2008
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