A tattoo on the side of a womans torso. A marker that a woman will but out when she is drunk. Also used to draw attention to a lean waist line.
Mike: Did your girl get a tramp stamp tattoo?
Me: Tramp stamps are so 2000's. It's on her side, it's hoe handle.

My hand covers her hoe handle when we do it doggy style.
by Kyleolsenwalsh June 11, 2014

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The area on one's clothing (female, or even male) where it makes a handle-like option to pull one closer. Could be on ones Jacket -- the pockets from it, or usually on a girl's bathing suit. Like the one-piece type bathing suit where its all funky with a bit of suit in the middle and nothin on the sides or back and usually has a hole in the belly button area. Hoe-handle.
James: Hey Emily, I like your bathing suit.
Emily: Thanks James!! Its new!!
James: Can i pull you closer from your hoe-handle?
Emily: TOTALLY!!
by CaliSummerGirl January 16, 2010

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