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When you don't have access to a shower and have to wash yourself in a sink somewhere tragic, like a gas station.
La Tanya's dog R Kelly peed on her jeans so she had to take a hoe bath at work.
by Prudence Delish May 29, 2009
A term used when a female or prostitute has sex with a male partner and instead of showering, they simply use a wash cloth to wipe the residue away.
Girl I just slept with Rod but I don't have time to shower for the club. I'll just take a quick hoe bath.
by ambitious_but_vicious December 04, 2008
a type of bath giving immediately after sex or just a quick bath when your just washing the important parts face, underarm, and genital areas.
Girl, I know you go have a hoe bath before you leave?

Let me take a hoe bath right quick.
by bootyjaz November 29, 2010
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