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"Hodd" is a portmanteau of "hot" and "odd." It is used to succinctly describe something that is both hot and odd.
WOMAN: "I buy women's underpants w. other women.
It's a bonding thing. You get the same pair, & then you're underpants twins."

MAN: "That's hodd."


WOMAN: "Why would women want to be nonsexy underpants twins? That's just sad & lame."

MAN: "Nonsexy underpants twins is many things, but not hodd."
by Frankie G. August 14, 2005
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adj. Hodd is a combination of the words 'hot' and 'odd'. So something/someone that is hodd is both hot and odd.

It most usually has, not a negative or positive connotation by default, but one that is designed to make the recipient think twice before responding. It depends on the one who says the word to use it as either.
pirate: yarr, your face is pretty hodd.

ninja: ummm, thanks

pirate: you lose
by Piarr2 August 15, 2005
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