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The most versatile word in existence. A word meaning all words, it can be substituted for any word at anytime, even if there's a fire(or should I say, "even if there's a hodaddy").
"One hodaddy to rule them all, one hodaddy to find them, one hodaddy to bring them all and in the darkness hodaddy them."
—The translated inscription of hodaddy
by Baller 4 days September 03, 2013
One who doesn't surf.
Man that biznatch dude couldn't ride a couch. He must be a hodaddy.
by Audiojock April 17, 2003
A person who does not surf but who spends time st surfing beaches pretending to be a surfer. A wanna be.
That cat is always talking about catching the ultimate wave but, in fact, he's just a ho-daddy.
by HighPlainsDrifter May 17, 2006
The person you always see in the parking lot with their gear or in the lodge wearing their gear. and for some reason that person never seems to hit the mountain. Much like a poser,everyone chooses to ignore them once identified
"That guy's such a Hodaddy!"
by .:Ellen:. April 26, 2009
A man who loves sex and is always looking to get laid.
"Mark is one big hodaddy - that's the third chick he's hit on tonight"
by Kare Kare October 30, 2003
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