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A misspelled version of “Hockessin” most likely added to Urban Dictionary by some lower middle class wigger douche bag who was upset that his parents can not afford to buy a home in one of Delaware’s most prominent areas.
-Poor Kid: Your a Hockession faggot!!!
-Hockessin Kid: Actually, I hail from Hockessin, and you're going to shut up and pump my gas.
by Hockessinite May 19, 2007
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A dump in the northern part of thebeautiful state of Delaware. Also named Ho-town for obvious reasons. This is home to some of the richest people who try and act gangsta. The Founder of this town had no idea that it would turn out to become what it is today. If he had known he probabbly would have never of founded it in the first place
Just go there and look around Hockession.
by hotown sucks November 26, 2006

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