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Also known as Hinsaru and kevin. Hobyn can be used as a name, action, and talent. Being of an independent species, Hobyns are extremely self dependent and know more about how to take care of themselves than most youngins. They have singing abilities and play the piano by ear. Hobyns lack the ability to cook because of the absence of food at their houses. Usually very protective and caring, Hobyns are willing to jump up in the middle of the night and go beat people up just for laughing at you. Hobyns are fun to laugh with and are very kiddish. They also tend to make decisions on the spur of them moment, and whine.

A Hobyn is also a wrecked Tartan 30 sailboat.

Hobyns are also complimentary plants.
I listened to Hobyn's soundclick, and now I'm going to buy his song on iTunes!

I'm working on a project to fix the Hobyn. It's wasting too much space in my yard.

How many Hobyns do you want? Just one, or a whole bouquet?
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