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A tired, old, bear trundles into town. All he wants is to rest, to live quietly, to bother no one and be bothered by no one.

The town, however, is a nest of vile things, each grubbing mercilessly for sex and money and power and blood.

The bear stands clear and apart till circumstance forces his hand.

He bares his teeth, works his claws: vile things die.

He is opposed at every turn by vile things and by those who are preyed upon by the vile things.

Only a teacher stands with the bear.

In the end: the vile things die (but the corruption each fostered stands), the bear dies, the teacher is co-opted.
Rutger Hauer was marvelous as 'the Hobo' in Hobo with a Shotgun.
by Henry Quirk February 27, 2013
It's a Canadian film thats basically about a hobo who fights crime, battles corrupt cops, killing pimps and pedophiles, all with his shotgun. I really recommend that you buy this movie on iTunes, or wherever you can get it at.
Yo dude let's go watch Hobo with a shotgun! What's it about?? A hobo with a shotgun.
by Hellnawimnotgunnaeatthat July 15, 2011
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