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Generally spoken through a pipe or clenched teeth (much believed to resemble speaking through a pipe), this language is generally spoken only in the wealthiest of mansions and most highbrow of country clubs. Most braggarts learn Hobnobbery in order to maintain status among the rich and self-centered. It is believed that this language was created in order for one to be heard over anther's own self loving thoughts, for when dealing with a society when each feels that they are better than everyone around them, you must sound like you are in fact truly better that the person to whom you are speaking in order for them to pay you any mind.

Unfortunately no examples of this language can be posted for it is only a spoken language generally passed down from father to son. Women aren't generally taught this language, however, that has not stopped many women form learning it. This being a solely spoken language, the best way to describe it is "impeccable English with much emphasis on at least one word per sentence and generally a British sounding accent, all spoken as though one has a pipe in their mouth (for the greatest men have always smoked pipes), and with much projection for the true sound of this language can not be heard without proper posture.
Many of the wealthiest of nobles and the most "proper" of millionaires in North America and Europe as well as parts of Asia speak Hobknobbery.
by Net Flux July 12, 2011
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