A British term used to describe us Americans in a gross and illegal way. The British are fucking retarded. It was started in Britain late October of 1896 when a fag called an American a hobbknocker because he was playing hobbschotch and an American knocked him over hense the word hobbknocker
British guy: " you're a bloody hobbknocker."
American: " wow you're a faggit who the fuck made up hobbknocker."
by Himom123 August 28, 2009
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A Hobb Knocker is someone who has sex with animals, And it's barely legal.
You: I love animals.
Me: I hope you're not a Hobb Knocker.
by Terrum February 15, 2009
A person who has sexual relations with animals, or masturbates in public, both being gross and illegal
dude, he had sex with a horse...what a hobbknocker
by tu`madre January 05, 2011

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