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When you recieve a blow job and a hand job at the same time.
Joey's girlfriend gives one sick hob job!
by Vikings88 aka Clit Commander July 11, 2004
Getting a hand job with a prothstetic.
Guy 1: dude I just got the best handy from your sister.

Guy 2: how is that possible? She has no arms...
Guy 1: Team hobjob!
by The Only Congo June 19, 2013
One who can float in very small sinks.
Yo kyle u wanna chill 2day...nah im busy hob jobbin.
by k p homeslice May 02, 2005
One who can float in very small sinks...
WooooW were u just hob jobing in that sink???
by k p homeslice May 02, 2005
A hobjob is when a male or female shoves a hobnob up another womans vagina,therefore experincing great pleasure!
Some even say 'it renacts child birth'
(make sure you don't put it back in your buscuit tin!)
Omg he just gave me the greatest hobjob ever!
by sally@34 March 23, 2008
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