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Lots of Ho's in one spot, no dudes
Its like a hoasis up in this bitch.
by Bryan Blowmycock February 12, 2004
An oasis is a pleasant refuge from the difficulties of life, i.e. the desert.

A "Hoasis" is the same thing, only richly populated with "Ho's."
"Too Fast, Too Furious," the heroes enter a club filled with skimpily clad ladies. "Man, we in a hoasis here!"

by Affenbart May 29, 2006
When a female and her girls go out of town and get some strange (one night stand with a stranger).
Man, I'm burnt out at work. I can't wait till I build up some vacation time so me and the girls can go on a hoasis in New Orleans!
by FemaleDayWalker May 19, 2009
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