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Give or take a few H's, N's, and G's; an onomatopoeia with multiple possible uses including:

1) The sound one makes when having a heart attack.

2) The sound one makes when straining -- for instance, when attempting to lift a heavy object, or when constipated.

3) The sound one makes when presented with something overpoweringly cute or moe. The full extent of its meaning is open to a wide range of interpretation, ranging from the suppression of an innocent squeal of delight to the sound of an orgasm.
by tkdb July 25, 2010
399 72
The sound of a whale trying to ride a bicycle.
"I say, old chap, is that a whale riding a bicycle?"
"Why, yes it is."
"What do you suppose that sound is it's making?"
"I believe it is HNNNNG."
by ElMardeaux October 18, 2009
136 153
An onomatopoeia describing an undesirable situation.
"So I was walking down the road with my girlfriend and I passed by my ex... Hnnnng!"
by 4chanRules February 09, 2009
49 185