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Hitting a bees nest with an open fist.
Dave went to hive five the neighbors hornets nest.....didn't work out so well. He dead.
by Sister Christian February 24, 2011
28 4
When two or more jolly individuals proceed to cause an abrupt collision of two or more bee hives to signify coolness, acknowledgement, amusement, agreement, or testosterone (in the case of a male.)

Hivefiving originated in the early 19th century when avid beekeepers would perform such spur of the moment acts during times of great joy.

A hivefive is physically, spiritually, phonetically and socially the highest form of celebration.
Person1: "Yo dawg, i heard you like bees"
Person2: "Cool story brethren"

Universe: Shatters a little bit, shaken to its very core
by Dynoste February 11, 2012
8 2