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When a male a ejaculates using all four classic techniques within a short time span. These four ejaculations consist of a hand job, blow job, sex, and anal intercourse. This refers to hitting a single, double, triple, and home run in the same game or night.

With multiple partners it is considered a grand slam.
The other night I almost hit a cycle, but my girlfriend tried to throw me out sliding into home. I ignored all signs to stop and plowed the catcher. "Hey, no blood no fun"

Hitting for the cycle is a work of art. Everybody is a winner.

Use extreme caution for females under the age of 15!!!
by Mark Betts January 06, 2008
When, in college, you hook up with a freshman, a sophomore, a junior, and a senior. Starts to get creepy your junior year.
Hitting for the cycle this semester with that sophomore dude.
by BnigBing April 25, 2010
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