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A psychotically conceited or narcissistically ambitious female who viciously and compulsively goes through life turning any and every situation into an opportunity for her to separate the "superior and flawless" (like herself, of course) from the "loathsome and disgusting".

No matter the situation, it's a guarantee that she'll be openly treating certain people like rotting dog shit, while then turning immediately around and treating certain other people like blue-eyed Nordic royalty -- with her selection criteria being largely dependent on a person's ethnicity, beauty, physique, and apparent wealth.

She more often directs this treatment at males, although in certain circumstances she'll subject females to it, too. But the overriding point is that she just can't ever stop herself from doing it.

The term derives from Adolf Hitler's German youth programs, whereby he selected "pure Aryan" males and females for his indoctrination and breeding.
"Dude, you don't wanna wait in that line. The girl at the register will openly treat you like shit because you're not "master race" enough -- She's a total Hitler maiden."
by C'est Logique October 14, 2011

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