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Acronym for "Haunter in the Hallway." An unpleasant co-worker who emerges from his/her office to waddle beetle-like down the hallway, peripherally peering in windows, occasionally pausing to pipe a loathsome tittering that passes for laughter. May be of an alien race that has mastered time travel.
That trollish co-worker of mine just waddled past my office again. He makes my skin crawl. He's of the Great Race of Hith.

Jerry accidentally saw that neckless Hith's parts in the men's room, and now Jerry wears Depend's.
by KFooLoo September 14, 2010
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Acronym HITH - Ho's In This House, noun - good looking woman or group of women. Male friends will often offer a "HITH alert" upon arrival or identification of HITH. Alert consists of a whistled version of the song noted below.

Origin - DJ Funk's techno song "There's Some Ho's in this House" often heard on The Howard Stern Show upon entry of a hot broad.

Male friends may also engage in a HITH-off where opponents compete for the attention of as many female targets as possible on a given occasion.

"You should have gone to the Fox and Hound last night, there was some serious HITH."

"I'm not sure I want to go to the mall, but since school is out there will probably be some serious HITH."

"Did you see the new HITH they hired in Accounts Receivable?"

"Yo Cheese, Johnny totally kicked your ass in the HITH-off last week.

"How's the HITH treating you?"
by JBeav October 19, 2007
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Acronym for Hello in the Head, a shoutout for stupidness.
A: What's your IP?
B: IP?
A: Write "ipconfig" (sans quotes) in the command line.
B: Command line?
A: Agh... Press Windows key + R on your keyboard, then type "cmd".
B: Keyboard?
A: HITH!!1
by mikaPELL June 03, 2006
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your looking canny hith
by dave November 13, 2003
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