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Hipsters who are not hip, but copy the precedents of true bohemian eras in order to conform and assert a phony individuality. Large groups of them exhibit a romper-room mentality, a high level of ignorance and snobbery, and an exorbitant lack of originality.
I can't stand that neighborhood - it's filled with hipsturds.
by mograbs April 11, 2011
Typically a trust-fund baby, someone who is deep in the throws of white suburban denial, longing to be viewed as different or special, so they grow a beard, start espousing recycled activist rhetoric, and get a series of meaningless tattoos and piercings, just to end up looking and sounding just like every other hipsturd. A real piece of shit.
Look at that guy over there in skinny jeans with a wallet chain and gauged ears smoking american spirits and talking about how this craft IPA tastes so much different than any other craft IPA. What a hipsturd.
by HeyitsGinoB69 October 28, 2015
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