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A futuristic killing machine sent back in time to rid the world of all hipsters. That is it's only purpose.

This term is derived from the words Hipster and Terminator.
Hipster #1: "We better leave American Apparel (Pauses to light his cigarette and enhance his hipster lifestyle.) and get to the coffee shop before the Hipsterminator finds us and turns us to dust."

Hipster #2: "I'm too hip to care at the moment, Eleh's Radiant Intervals sounds too rad. Heard it yet?

Hipster #1: "Yeah man, I actually wasn't really in to it. Very Mediocre in my opinion. (Not only lying to earn credit with his friend because he's never actually heard of them but denying to like it to show how hip he is.) I hope the Hipsterminator isn't listening in on this conversation, we'll be dead for sure.
by RumpleGeist February 01, 2011
One who is a guide, an icon, and a role model. Someone of immense potential, a sleeping god who has just begun to awaken. A leader possessed of a will of often singular focus, who unfortunately can frighten just as often as impress through sheer intellect. A young man of many talents, highly skilled in most fields, known for their attraction to extremes, most often musical. One also has been known to engage in melodramatic monologues of an arrogant, over-the-top nature. A vessel of invincibility, a warrior in for the long fight, a wolf amongst an ever-weakening flock of sheep. One whose determination, dedication, and integrity are incorruptible, and who will not rest easy until they have made sufficient contribution to the world as to solidify their place in time. A new breed, the first and perhaps the last of their kind.
"That dude is insanely good at *insert activity*.
"Yeah, man. He's a real Hipsterminator!"
by The Most Conquering One November 05, 2010
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