a hipster who hates other hipsters because they have become too mainstream
yo that guy is such a hipstercrite
by kpar June 21, 2012
Mix of a hipster and hypocrite.
Somebody who pretends to dislike certain types of music music, because it's 'too mainstream, but inevitably changes their mind. Their excuse is normally: 'it's catchy lol'.
Klesta: urgh, I don't know why that 212 song is so popular, it has no depth or meaning. Just commercial bullshit, man. What is happening to our generation?

*two weeks later*

Klesta: that 212 song isn't that bad. It's catchy lol.

Angel: what a hipstercrite
by princessofchina June 27, 2012
someone who accuses you of being a hipster, while clearly being a hipster themselves.
as per levi douglas jacobs, OG oakland hipster and bona-fide hipstercrite

by sweet molasses June 14, 2014
A person who criticizes/dislikes hipsters when in fact said person is a hipster themselves. This word can be used to describe anyone that makes fun of hipsters while taking pictures in a field with a fish eye lens. A hipstercrite also pretends to like good music.
"Hipsters are so annoying, am I right?!" *said while wearing high-waisted shorts and heart-shaped sunglasses*

This person = Hipstercrite.
by sarahp774 May 11, 2013
A person who constantly refers to others as hipsters, when they tend to display many hipster-esque qualities themselves.
1:"That man over there smoking the American Spirits is wearing a pair of glasses frames without any lenses, and he called me a hipster!"

2:"Wow, what a hipstercrite."
by Fistopher February 22, 2011
A hypocritical hipster. AKA, one who claims not to be a hipster for a very long time and then finally admits to it.
That hipstercrite finally owned his identity when I caught him sniffing around a record store buying vintage records even though he doesn't have a record player.
by pinkpetals August 18, 2008
Someone who decides that he/she does not like something anymore because hipsters now like it.
-"Man, I used to love Animal Collective before hipsters jumped all over it."
-"Quit being a hipstercrite."
by sheeeeeeeeeeeeit March 30, 2011

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