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An insult used by those who believe "hypocrite" (HIPPO-cryte) to be insufficient in fully portraying the vile hypocrisy of a particular being.

The phrase "go fuck some hippos" may also be used to achieve a similar effect.
A: Dude, you should only love one girl in your life, that's what true love is.
B: ...go fuck some hippos.

A: I heard Chrissy got busted on the gov test for cheating with Franzie!
B: Wow, what a hippo-fucker.
by Rawrmyun December 06, 2010
1. One who fucks hippos or enjoys watching others fuck hippos. 2. Someone acting or saying something stupid/moronic/idiotic/etc.
I don't want to watch american idol because Simon is such a hippo-fucker
by Patrick PC June 25, 2007
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