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1. Hippie3 is someone who thinks they are a hippie, but fails to realize that their arrogance disqualifies them.

2. Pretending to be open minded while actually just being egocentric.

3. Someone with a god complex and delusions of grandeur.

4. Megalomania.
Tom: John do you think you could be wrong about the way you treat your friends.
John: Get out of my house, how dare you oppose me.
Tom: Your such a Hippie3
by Johnny Afganweed February 22, 2009
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1. Someone who is so much of a hippie that he oozes hippiness from every pore, and in every dimension displays hippiedom... syn. flower child, true child of the 60s

2. A young african american college student who has met some hippies and has embraced the hippie culture so enthusiastically that she comes off as a cartoon version of tommy chong.
1. Tommy Chong, now that guy is Hippie3

2. Take a look at Deandra and Shonisha, ever since they started hanging out with Tommy Chong they dress and act SO Hippie3.
by JR Hannafin July 17, 2004
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