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Very sweet, tasty type of alcoholic beverage with low alcohol percentage. It's the best thing to buy on the shelf if:

-you will be drinking with people who can't stand hard liquor.
-you cannot stand hard liquor.
-you will be drinking with ladies who hate strong drinks.
-you have bad taste.
-you hate drinking something that's actually worth your money.
-you enjoy hangovers.
-your little sister asked you to get it for her high school friends.
-you wish to distance yourself from your friends.
-you enjoy spending more money for less alcohol per ml.
-your a man who wants to look like a total wimp in front of others at a social gathering.
-you are an idiot.
Man 1: Hey, get me some Hipnotiq will ya?
Man 2: We're not longer friends. Get the hell out of my house.
by AJM7593 May 16, 2008
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