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A hipster-emo. A person who's complaining about life and hates a lot of things and is being sad about it. On the other hand, he/she is very dreamy.
Hey stop hating yourself and your life, start being positive you hipmo!
by Yaszel December 13, 2010
The rare cross between what is know as an 'emo' (also known as emo kids, scene kids, grungers, etc.) and a hippie. Signs of hipmos include long, flowing hair, black clothes, vegetarian, tree-hugging kids who listen to bands such as My Chemical Romance, Fall Out Boy, Panic! At the Disco, etc.
Typical hipmo: "Dude, MCR says trees are cool, so trees are cool" - A. Gorham
by Mitchell T June 13, 2007
A cross between a hippie and an emo.
"That guys not a chemo. He's a Hipmo!"
by Anonymous Passenger May 25, 2007
A part Hippie, part Emo cross breed.
There have been very very few sightings of this rare beast, but it has been said that the ones that do exist are extremely weird!

It is not essential to vegetarian or have black hair but it helps :P

The first of its kind were found residing in the Hampshire area
Alex Gorham is a hipmo
Josch Young is a hipmo
Mitchell Thomas is a hipmo
A few others can claim they are.....
by Unknown Vegetarian June 12, 2007
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