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The act of hating hipsters for liking something that you liked first. Hipsters will often claim to have 'liked' something first, or 'before it was cool'. Hating them for liking what you thought was cool first is Hipception.

Hipception is a hybrid of the words 'Hipster' and 'Inception', it is used in an ironic way to highlight the hipsterness of hating hipsters just because you did something first.
Fred hates that hipsters love craft beer, he had loved craft beer first. Fred was practicing hipception.
by joshua a February 04, 2015
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The act of not liking something because you think its hipster there fore making you an hipster.
Connor doesn't like Maximum the Hormone because he thinks they are hipster, thats some Hipception right there!
by Daragon91 March 12, 2014
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