A creepy, bald english teacher who thinks he all that when he is really 5/10 on funny.
Mr. Hinkle tried to turn me on while standing in front of the keyhole he was trying to use.
by I like Turtles x5 June 01, 2009
Top Definition
To play with a man's balls.
That girl hinkled me all night long.

I think I hinkled too long in the shower this morning.
by ThePharaoh July 29, 2009
The act of drawing with a washable marker on a man's genitalia, and sucking it off.
"I got hinkled by this girl last night."
by Todo11 September 18, 2011
1. to link elbows, esp. in a large group of people
Dorothy, the scarecrow, and the tin man hinkle in The Wizard of Oz in the scene where they skip down the yellow brick road.
by .contemplating.homicide. January 19, 2008
Being a hinkle means being a young white male whom will put their penis into anything while also intentionally friendzoning 99% of the girls you meet.
Friend 1: -to friend 2- Hey that girl is really into you

Friend 2: We're just friends

Friend 1: Yo, don't be a hinkle
by Mythoit May 18, 2016
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