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As defined by Cosmo or Sykes (Joe Pantoliano and Daniel Roebuck respectively) in the 1993 movie "The Fugitive". In a conversation in the Federal building, Cosmo, Sykes and Sam Gerard (Tommy Lee Jones), the situation with Dr. Richard Kimble (Harrison Ford) is described as Hinkey, meaning that it is strange or unusual. Gerard exclaims that he does not know what that means and doesn't want them using words around him that he does not understand. Hence, if something, or someone is hinkey, it is strange and/or unusual.
Seeing the sun shine while it is pouring down rain is hinkey.

He was acting hinkey, I think he's on something.

Don't get hinkey with me, mister!

Doesn't that seem a bit hinkey?
by Jeffery Stone October 20, 2004
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A word used frequently by Abby in NCIS to mean iffy or suspect - not right.
This situation is definitely getting Hinkey.......
by beadsage February 20, 2007
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a lack of experience in a certain field that is blatent and highly noticable accompanied by a complete ignorance of the fact said person has no experience or looks just plain stupid.
This is commonly used in car performance circles in conjunction with new rich kids with their daddy's money tied up in a car that they cannot handle correctly.
"Yeah, i'll never ride with Abadair again . . . that boy's driving is just hinkey."

" well, the problem is you're hinkey."
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