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A breed of people known for characteristic hillbilly-like behavior. Often associated with people from the Appalachians (particularly the Ohio River Valley) and sometimes the Ozarks. Particularly associated with moonshine distilling/consumption and owning one or more 'terrible towels'.

Relatively economically depressed people who speak a bastardized version of American English and rely heavily upon drinking and often unsafe strip clubs for entertainment.
"Have you seen the 'Wild & Wonderful Whites of West Virginia'? What a bunch of Hill people."

"Too much pop will yellow your teethers." "What are you saying you hill person?"
by Tim 316 January 14, 2012
A group of people usually found in Northern New Jersey that have no drive to accomplish their goals, have odd quirks due to being sheltered their entire lives, may be over the age of 18 but they act as if they are 13, generally extremely attractive, find it odd if you move out of your parents house before the age of 30, and act as if their social skills are amazing but are more socially inept than a 40 year old playing WOW in his mothers basement.
Hill people are hot idiots.
by not understanding January 02, 2014
A short squat race, usually referred to 'extremely hairy'(think Captain Caveman). They feed on rock moss gathered from rolling stones with their specially adapted lower jaw and inscisors. Groups of these creatures called 'litters' consist of a mother (pregnant), father (toothless), and any number of children (molested). Hillbillies.
Do you see those hill people? They'll never get in this club dressed like that.
by the_decline May 08, 2008
hill people are the raddest bitches out.

while being well equipped for the cold weather with their ponchos and strange, mangled feet, hill people are often the best people you will ever come across in your entire life. ever.

noone goes hungry at a hill person's house, as they are assuredly the best cooks you know, and enjoy 'noah's ark-ing' your dinner plate.

hill people also enjoy ruining their own lives by becoming the manager of a store completely by accident, and working a million billion hours in order to avoid their most gnomiest of companions.

they also thoroughly approve of rainbows, snuggly nice doonas and tramping around in forests after cute boys.
swamp gnome: there is noone else i'd rather share my communal lap with than a hill person.
by swampgnome December 27, 2010
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