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A beautiful young lady, with a purpose to make her self happy. she cares about everyone and everything, don't leave her side, or you'll destroy her. she has a magnificent personality, with a dazzaling smile. her attitude towards everything is completely different to everyone elses personal perspective. she has many different perspectives. she's one of a kind, you'll never find another Hildreth.
Jesus fries, that girl is such a Hildreth.. I think i've fallen in love.
by A love. November 08, 2009
Rachel's long lost sister. The two were seperated at birth due to a horrible famine in New York state causing Hildreth's parents to sell her for a small profit. Both have obnoxious black curly hair with black framed glasses.
Hildreth wishes to find her long lost sister. Please help!
by Momma Baghdasarain February 06, 2006
a fag, a queer, someone who thinks they are fratastic and is cool by drinking and smoking
That kid is such a hildreth!
by John Doeser March 01, 2008