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"Hilaristurbing" (adj) used to describe something that is both HILARious and dISTURBING.

It's origin is from an online story written by Alexandra Erin called "Tales of MU".
In the story - an adventurous nymph named Amaranth describes her attempt to teach a horse to count with the intent to avoid her deity's prohibition against lying with unintelligent beings. Chapter 60 - Leather

“Hey, I just discovered a new adjective,” Steff said. “‘Hilaristurbing’.” She turned to me. “I think Amaranth has exited the dungeon, hon…”
by GKJBob September 27, 2007
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Both hilarious and disturbing at the same time.
That was so funny! But really disturbing.. I twas Hilaristurbing.
by theycomeinflavors September 17, 2011

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