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located in hightstown nj, (the doughnut hole of east windsor) not a bad high school, had some good times but gotta make your own fun. we whiteout at football games, find anyway out of running around the track at gym, say words and phrases like "given" "not even yo" "shisty" "htown" "needle dick" "lets merk" "scoop" or "scurrrrp" and "we about to squad up". we got a lot of school spirit and get hyped up when other schools talk shit, rival against west windsor, rville, and peddie cause its in OUR town. all shit aside though, htown is the place to be. you should love where u came from.
"there are a lot of needle dicks at Hightstown High School"

"lets whiteout tn for the Hightstown High School football game. Kick Hopewells ass"
by dutchme69 October 05, 2011
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