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This is the new and exciting way to say "hello".
Me: Highlow, John! How are you today?

John: Fuck off, idiot.
by NeoFox97 June 24, 2009

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A tackle in football where the player with the ball is hit by two defensive tacklers, one hits the chest or higher while the other hits him in the knees or lower from the opposite side. usually results in excruciating pain or injury.
right when the reciever caught the ball he was High Lowed by the corner back and linebacker. he was unable to walk off the field.
by forizzle nizzle March 25, 2011
A tree-hugging hippie. So called after hylozoism — the belief that trees have souls.
Hey look over there! Bellingham's full of high-lows!
by Knighshade July 11, 2004
A riderless, fork lift type divice, used to move palletized product vertically.
Anslom: "What has happened?"
Bob: "The Drunk hit Meg with the High Low!"
by Hump December 09, 2004