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Any notable or memorable idea, statement, question, single word, or clever phrasing of words conveyed by a recreational marijuana consumer in his/her preferred state of mind. While the logic or intelligence in one's highalogue is typically hard to spot, some of the finest and most-followed religions of all time were created as a result of highalogue.

As a word derived from the mouth of a baked teenager, the word "highalogue," being a combination of the words high and dialogue, could easily act as the poster child for its own concept.
Person 1: Nooo-! Please let me wear your glasses!
Person 2: Gah, fine. But remember, they don't have bifoclal... bifocals... bifogells... bimclovins...

Person 1: You know what? The live-action Cat in the Hat movie was a good idea!
Person 2: I sobered up about 4 minutes ago. Trust me, you're spewing some embarrassing highalogue right now. Are you filming?
by TheAaron August 12, 2010
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